We are a construction company founded by two brothers, combining our areas of expertise in Architecture and Civil Engineering, together we were formed as entrepreneurs with a bold vision and an innovative approach to the construction environment. Our passion for architecture and construction consolidated the idea of ​​founding N23 to make a difference in the industry and contribute to the growth of Baja California Sur.

Our story began with the idea of ​​creating something unique and special, something more than just building structures; we wanted to build the visions of our clients and transform spaces into unforgettable experiences. Focused on delivering a quality, creative, innovative project, and most importantly, a personalized and quality follow-up with each of our clients. At N23, it is one of our priorities to build solid relationships with our clients, collaborators and business partners. Our philosophy is based on transparency, honesty and excellence at work. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and customer service-oriented approach.

Our commitment is based on the understanding that each project is special and requires the best personalized advice. Together with a team of specialists in each of the areas, we focus on guaranteeing delivery times and offering a wide range of the best materials. Our job is to find the perfect balance between the ideas and visions of our clients, and reality.


We as a company are committed to the needs of the client, so we offer a comprehensive service with the aim of accompanying clients from the conception of an idea to the execution and delivery of the final product. Here are the services we offer

  1. Project management: Comprehensive supervision and administration of the project, from initial planning to final delivery.
  2. Architectural project: Architectural and engineering design and planning, taking into account aesthetic, functional and technical aspects.
  3. Construction of houses: Construction from private houses to residential complexes. At the same time, installation services for electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems. Interior finishes, such as painting, coverings, installation of floors, ceilings and decorative details, and relaxation areas.
  4. Commercial construction: Construction of commercial premises, offices, centers and other commercial spaces.
  5. Remodeling and renovation: Updating and improving existing buildings, adapting them to new needs or standards.